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About the EY Foundation

Giving young people a great start to their working lives

Our Purpose

Our Vision

Every young person in the UK can succeed in the workplace. We believe every employer in the UK, regardless of size or sector, has an important role to play in giving young people a better start to their working lives.


Our Mission

To reduce the barriers to work many young people face, supporting them to successfully transition into higher education, employment or self-employment.

What we do

The EY Foundation tackles the barriers to employment faced by young people from low-income backgrounds. Through our programmes, we help young people unlock their potential and succeed in the workplace.


Formed in 2014, we are a national, independent charity that builds aspiration, confidence and a greater sense of purpose by providing the knowledge, skills and experience young people need to thrive in the workplace. 


Operating in multiple locations across England and Scotland, our support extends from inspiring school-age children to ensuring young people thrive after they join the world of work.


Through a combination of programme delivery, in-depth knowledge of the labour market and collaboration expertise, we achieve positive outcomes for young people. We also help social enterprises either run by a young person or focused on supporting young people, to scale up and increase their impact.


By bringing young people and employers together, we support both sides of the labour market, helping employers to work with local talent, build a more diverse workforce and increase staff engagement. 


We also work with schools and colleges in areas of need, supporting students at earlier ages to gain exposure to the world of work.

Our relationship with EY

We are an independent registered charity, however we are a member firm of Ernst & Young Global Limited. We are extremely grateful to have a five-year funding agreement and Master Services Agreement in place with EY, supporting us to carry out our work and make a positive impact on young people and social entrepreneurs.


Please note we are not a grant-giving organisation and rely on the support of funders such as EY to run our programmes.

Our values

  • Growth mindset - To increase our impact on more young people through dedication, innovation and hard work.
  • Courage - To use new learning and diversity of thought to challenge the status quo; embracing lessons learned even if a project misses its targets.
  • Empower our team - Everyone is supported to succeed in their role through opportunities to learn, develop and take on new challenges.
  • Collaboration - To build relationships internally and externally, to share ideas, embed an inclusive approach and achieve bigger outcomes.

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