Youth Advisory Board

What is the Youth Advisory Board (YAB)?

The YAB is a group of 16 young people (15 at the moment due to one stepping down), aged 16-25 from across England and Scotland who act as advisors to the EY Foundation.

YAB members sit on the board for two years and are responsible for bringing a young person’s perspective into every area of the EY Foundation’s work. As part of their role YAB members:

  • Attend quarterly YAB meetings to provide comments and feedback on key plans before they are taken to the Board of Trustees
  • Work with the EY Foundation team in a variety of ways including attending meetings, sharing feedback and ideas, contributing to social media or speaking at events
  • Have the opportunity to work on their own projects related to the EY Foundation

Why do we need a YAB?

The EY Foundation works to transform the futures of young people who most need support to succeed in the workplace. We understand we can’t do this alone and young people are our most important advisors.

The YAB are consulted on questions such as:

  • What do young people need right now to help them succeed in their careers?
  • How can we reach more young people digitally?
  • How can we improve our programmes?

Their insights and ideas as young people help guide the EY Foundation in our aim to support more young people.

Meet our current YAB

EY Foundation Team

I graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2018 and now work as a Programme Coordinator for a Social Mobility Charity called upReach. Although I am still a beginner, I enjoy weight lifting as a hobby, and baking (they balance each other out).


I joined the Youth Advisory Board as I have a wide knowledge of the barriers faced by young people when getting into employment. I wanted to widen this even further by getting another perspective, and also wanted to develop further skills by supporting the amazing work the YAB is doing.

EY Foundation Team

I'm currently studying business, I'm particularly interested in strategic planning and the marketing side of things. My hobbies include running and hiking.


I joined the YAB to be part of improving the lives of young people through EY Foundation. I would like to create more opportunities for young people which set them a clear pathway of how to get where they want to get in their life.

EY Foundation Team

I am currently studying Accounting at the University of Dundee and I also work part time at Screwfix; my goal after I graduate is to study Chartered Accounting through ICAS. In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym and running. 


I decided to join the YAB to help raise awareness of the struggles young people face, especially in finding initial employment due to a lack of experience. I hope to help young people have easier access to and be more aware of opportunities available to them. 

I am currently studying Biology full time at Aberystwyth University and work as a HCA. In my free time I enjoy creating music, reading books, exercising and learning new things.


In 2018, I joined the Smart Futures programme in Birmingham, which opened a lot of doors for me. However, whilst speaking with my friends and family they told me how they feel such opportunities are unattainable for them or how they wouldn't have know about them. I joined the YAB to breakdown barriers and misconceptions and ensure more young people have access to opportunities and to improve these experiences for future participants. 

EY Foundation Team

I'm in sixth form studying Maths, Further Maths, and Computer Science. I develop software in my spare time and sometimes work on projects with others. I also love music - I sing, play the guitar and I am currently learning the keyboard. 


I joined the Youth Advisory Board to represent the voice of young people and to allow the EY Foundation to gain more of an insight through my experiences. In my time on the YAB I hope to provide more opportunities for young people and more awareness of those opportunities. 

EY Foundation Team

I'm studying business at college and my hobbies and interests include football and acting - I also used to box a couple of years ago. 


I decided to join the EY Foundation's Youth Advisory Board because I'm very interested in having a voice and making positive change. Being part of the YAB will be a valuable experience for myself and I hope to be effective in making change. 

I'm currently in my first year of studying law at the University of Warwick. Eventually, I would like to become a lawyer that specialises in the field of civil liberties and human rights. My guilty pleasure is watching period dramas because I find that it combines my love for history, romance, action and comedy all in one!


I decided to join the Youth Advisory Board because I want to assist in making the corporate world a more inclusive environment, rather than one which is completely out of reach by young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. My hope is to work with other young people to create plans and present ideas to help create an equal ground for all young people regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds. 

EY Foundation Team

I am currently studying for a level 3 Business qualification. I enjoy music and cooking - I treat it as art and value what goes into my body, I also train in the gym; these hobbies help me feel my best. I have an interest in art, cars , human psychology, true crime, planes and fashion. An interesting fact about me is that I can remember and understand the words of foreign songs and sing them (very badly); to list a few: Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, Turkish, and Albanian. 


I joined the EY Foundation's Youth Advisory Board to develop a position of advocacy and become a resource for those who cannot express themselves and for those who feel marginalised and underprivileged. 

EY Foundation Team

I am an educational activist, social entrepreneur, and founder of ZNotes – an online learning platform I started at 16 and today, has reached over 3.5 million students globally. In 2021, I was honoured to receive the Diana Legacy Award. I am also a One Young World ambassador, board advisor of DEFI at Cambridge University and National Youth Leader of GPE. I am an SDG advocate and speak internationally including the 74th UN General Assembly and TEDx. I studied mathematics at UCL, and in my spare time, I am a marathon runner, triathlete and figure/inline skater.


I joined the YAB due to my belief and alignment with the EYF mission. I hope to gain insight into the functioning of an established charity, engage in dialogue with fellow YAB members and share advice on the strategic direction of EYF based on my experiences and knowledge.

I work as an Associate Technology Consultant at Adaptavist, using my knowledge of Atlassian products to gather requirements, research and present solutions to clients. Outside of work, I help to oversee the management of my local school as a School Governor. On weekends, I tutor students in GCSE Maths. I enjoy developing my students’ problem-solving skills, as well as supporting them in their personal ambitions. Currently, I am working on a start up called Navigate Up which aims to equip young people with the resources they need to thrive personally and professionally.


I joined YAB because I am keen to be involved in conversations and initiatives that support young people from low socio-economic backgrounds. Coming from this background myself, I can relate to some of the things these young people face and I am keen to be a part of any intiative that helps to create a fairer society for young people. I have had some great support over the past few years which I will be forever grateful for, from scholarships, to mentorships to internship opportunities. It changed my perception on life and helped me to believe in my potential. I would love for others to achieve this support too and better.

I'm currently studying A Levels at college - Biology, Chemistry, Core Maths and IT, and I also co-run a personal shopping business and work part-time in retail. My hobbies and interests include staying healthy and fit by weightlifting and sprinting, reading different genres of books, and I also have a keen interest in cryptocurrency.


I decided to join the YAB as I believe that more young people need insight into the professional world and the Youth Advisory Board is something that facilitates that change by utilising ideas that are relevant and helpful from young people ourselves. By working with other young people, I believe that we will be able to create new and exciting ways of supporting young people and making a better future.

I’m a student at LSE studying History and Politics, and I’m also a public speaker, student mentor, and debate coach. In 2021, I won Young Ambassador of the Year at the EY Foundation Impact Awards.


I applied for the YAB to help the Foundation reach more young people and to have more of an impact on the future of the Foundation and the programmes they run because I have been so positively impacted. Over the next two years I’m hoping to meet some other amazing young people, grow as an individual professionally and in my character, and to challenge my views and assumptions.

Photo of Rebecca

I am currently in my final year of studying Psychology (which I decided to study as a result of watching too much 'Criminal Minds') at King's College London University. One of my favourite hobbies is dancing, especially trying new and different styles. I also enjoy learning new languages.


I joined the YAB because I believe all young people deserve to have equal opportunities in education and work. I hope by being on the Youth Advisory Board I can provide useful insight and feedback to ensure EY Foundation's initiatives are as effective as possible for young people. 

Photo of Victoria

I'm currently studying for my A-Levels; my passion is in medicine and biology so I would love to be one of the top minds in my field whatever I choose that to be. I also enjoy clay shooting, horse riding, and going to the gym, it gives me a goal to work towards and allows routine. In addition, I love to cook, I love the smile I get to see on peoples faces at the sight of a nice hot plate of food.


I joined the YAB because I want to make a difference and at my age there is very little you can do, the Youth Advisory Board seems like a great place where I can actually voice my opinion and won't be shut down due to my age. I hope to achieve lasting change and to make the largest impact possible.

Photo of Haris

I'm the co-founder and Director of Bubl, the Corporate Venturing studios for Pearson PLC. I am also currently a Board Member for Victoria & Albert Museum, GLA’s Young People’s recovery mission and Chair for Pearson’s scholarship, research and innovation committee.

Can I be a member of the Youth Advisory Board?

To apply, you must be:

  • Aged 16-25
  • Live, work or study in one of the EY Foundation’s regions (London or the South East, the Midlands, the North or Scotland)
  • Willing to travel across the UK for meetings, if required, and attend regular meetings every three months

We welcome applications from young people who have taken part in our programmes, as well as those who haven't.

Please note a role with the Youth Advisory Board is voluntary; however, any travel, accommodation and ad hoc costs to take part will be covered by the EY Foundation.

If you have any queries about the YAB, you can always email us at: enquiries@eyfoundation.ey.com

How to apply

Applications open every two years. If you are interested in becoming a YAB member, register your interest below or keep an eye on our social media channels to find out when applications are next open.